Rethinking Status Quo – How to Achieve Operational IT Independence

Downtime is not an option for any organization. Enterprises and financials are faced unrelenting  pressure to ensure there is resiliency at every level. The threats are many and issues arise from an array of concerns including  aging infrastructure, rising sea levels and  weak areas within IT and data center infrastructure. Widespread outages have dominated deadlines  over the past year, because those outages often affect millions  across major corporations and financial institutions. In our highly innovative and high-tech times, it is surprising when an outage of this magnitude occurs, and even more so when that outage is not rectified for hours or even days.  To unpack all of these dynamics and shed some more light on it, our very own Roy Hilliard is heading to San Diego next week to speak at the International Cable Protection Committee (ICPC) 2019 Plenary Meeting. This year’s theme is: ‘Critical Infrastructure Across the Oceans – Protecting Submarine Cables and the Marine Environment.

The event will be held from 14-16 May 2019 and includes Roy’s session entitled, ‘Achieving Operational Independence: Rethinking Global Network Architecture & Ownership.’ In this session, Roy will emphasize the importance for financials and enterprises to take a deeper look at their underlying network and data center architecture in order to identify non-redundant components in traditional network architectures. For true operational network independence, this should start at the subsea cable level. According to TeleGeography, 99 percent of international data is transmitted by submarine cables.

Roy’s session will frame up the challenges faced, especially on the U.S. east coast as well as provide innovative solutions that are critical for the subsea industry to consider.

Key areas for discussion include:

●      Transition from existing infrastructures

●      Ensuring excellence in digital security – security is paramount

●      Consortium power struggles

●      Interconnectivity/Interoperability – clear and known pathways are key to ensure resiliency and redundancy

Stay tuned for Roy’s post-event write up, which will feature key insights from the conference!


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