NJFX honors Investor with the NJPGA

Yesterday, at the iconic Baltusrol Golf Club, the NJPGA Foundation celebrated its 17 years of relentless support for military veterans.

August 15, 2023

Among the notable participants was NJFX, proudly serving as a Platinum sponsor for this distinguished event. At the heart of this evening was the honor given to Mr. Les Quick, a symbol of professional success and community dedication.

The name Les Quick is synonymous with financial ingenuity, innovation, and unwavering dedication to community service. As a partner at NJFX only adds another feather to his illustrious cap, but his journey to this point has been nothing short of remarkable.

A Tribute to a Remarkable Leader

In 2004, Mr. Quick founded Simon Quick, showcasing his entrepreneurial spirit, but his legacy began in 1975 at Quick and Reilly Inc. As one of its earliest employees, he played a pivotal role in innovating the financial industry, helping to create a branch network, a clearing firm, and a NASDAQ market-making firm. In 1983, under Mr. Quick’s leadership, the company achieved a significant milestone by listing on the NYSE. After Quick and Reilly’s acquisition by Fleet Bank in 1998, he served as Chairman of Fleet Securities until 2003, and he remains a valued member of the Simon Quick Investment Committee today.

Beyond finance, Mr. Quick has served on various industry boards, including the NYSE Hearing Board and the Chicago Stock Exchange Board of Governors. His service extends into his community, notably as Chairman of Big Brothers Big Sisters of Hudson, Essex & Union Counties, and through his involvement in faith-based organizations, both in the U.S. and in Rome, Italy. His philanthropic leadership also shines in his roles at Morristown Memorial Hospital and the Foundation for Morristown Medical Center.

Mr. Quick’s life of service has not gone unnoticed. Among his honors are an honorary doctorate from St. Bonaventure University, the Ellis Island Medal of Honor, and the Flame of Charity’s Man of the Year award. His story is one of enduring commitment to excellence and community welfare.

Mr. Quick’s partnership with NJFX has been marked by shared values and a deep-seated commitment to serving others. Bound by a mutual respect between Mr. Quick and NJFX’s CEO, Gil Santaliz (whom he met while serving on the Morristown Medical Foundation Board), exemplify what it means for businesses to operate as forces for good.

Golf for a Cause

Adding to the excitement of the day was the golf tournament, where participants not only competed in the spirit of sport but also camaraderie for a noble cause. Our very own CEO, Gil Santaliz, was among the golfers, showcasing his skills on the greens. Golfing it was about demonstrating leadership and passion for the causes NJFX supports. It was a day where every swing, putt, and drive carried with it the spirit of giving back.

The celebration at Baltusrol Golf Club was more than just an event; it was a heartfelt tribute to a man whose life exemplifies the harmony of professional excellence and compassionate service. Mr. Les Quick, through his decades of leadership and innovation in finance, and his unwavering commitment to community welfare, sets an example that extends far beyond the business world.

His partnership with NJFX serves as a testament to the profound impact that businesses, when led by dedicated and empathetic leaders, can have on the world around them. As the sun set on a day filled with both competition and camaraderie, the legacy of Mr. Quick was illuminated brightly reminding us all that true success is measured not just by what we achieve for ourselves, but by the positive and lasting impact we make on the lives of others. This event, in honor of a remarkable leader and philanthropist, was a celebration of a life well-lived and a call for us all to strive for such a noble balance between professional achievement and heartfelt service.

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