Leading Young Talent to the Table

NJFX had the pleasure on hosting AT&T New Hires and educating them on our subsea infrastructure

Novemeber 14, 2022

Securing the Future

On November 8, 2022, twenty-three new hires of network engineers from AT&T toured the NJFX CLS colocation campus. The visit included sessions on subsea history and insight into the Northeast traditional carrier hotel infrastructure with our General Manager, Felix Seda, and CEO, Gil Santaliz.  Many of the recent college graduates supporting AT&T’s US Mobile, Wireline, and Global IP networks were offered their positions at AT&T prior to graduating from their universities in an effort to secure the best-talented engineers.

NJFX educated recent graduates on how 97% of the world’s internet traffic flows through cable landing stations and subsea cables. They learned how we have 14 cables supporting traffic across the Atlantic and how more than half will be retiring because of enhancements in technology.

Felix Seda said,” Our industry has a very promising future ahead of it, and there are lots of opportunities for young people to become involved, learn, develop important connections, and start what might turn out to be a highly lucrative and long-lasting career.”

Leading the Community

It has been increasingly clear in recent years that there is a war for talent in the telecommunications industry. NJFX has pioneered efforts to develop events that educate young professionals in the telecommunications industry about the sector’s importance and the value of building a career in this community.

We see organizations like PTC, Capacity, Carrier Community, and more taking charge of constructing a more inclusive industry.  NJFX aims to actively keeping the industry aware of the benefits of hiring young talent and proceeding to host events that highlight and develop the younger workforce.

The NJFX Team has been actively leading events for young talent to have a seat at the table with industry veterans. For years, NJFX has encouraged young generations to consider a career in the industry and has created initiatives to help close the talent gap.

Powered by the Past

This past year NJFX has been an active pillar in educating, mentoring, and inspiring young professional leaders in the telecommunication sector. A discussion was led at ITW 2022 about plugging the talent gap with NJFX,  Telstra, and Sequential Tech. The forum was an open roundtable discussion about the industry’s challenges with recruitment, the retirement cliff, women in the industry, and countering implicit bias in recruitment.

Efforts do not stop with roundtable discussions, there needs to be action put into place that allows young professionals to experience conferences and build their professional network. The PTC Advisory Council, which includes Felix Seda, agreed and has created a Buy One Get One Free admission to this upcoming PTC ’23 conference. This is a huge step in the right direction for young professionals to understand the business and actively network in person.

NJFX famously hosts a reception at PTC every year that joins young talent in the industry and industry leaders to discuss the past and empower the future. The classic event has become a staple of the PTC conference exploring new innovative ways to attract newcomers and raise awareness

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