NJFX and EXA Infrastructure Forge Strategic Partnership To Bolster Transatlantic Connectivity

WALL TOWNSHIP, NJ & LONDON, UK, 21 JANUARY 2024 – EXA Infrastructure, the largest dedicated digital infrastructure platform connecting Europe and North America, today has announced a strategic partnership with NJFX, a leader in carrier-neutral colocation and subsea infrastructure. This collaboration marks a significant step in bolstering global network connectivity with EXA establishing a new Point of Presence (PoP) at NJFX’s facility.

EXA Infrastructure, a London-based I Squared Capital portfolio company, operates a vast 142,000-kilometer fiber network spanning 34 countries and connecting 300 cities. With 13 Tier 3-equivalent data centers and several strategic sub-sea routes, including a low-latency transatlantic link, EXA’s network is a cornerstone of this partnership.

As part of this strategic presence at NJFX, EXA announced a partnership with Bulk for the Havfrue cable system. EXA will integrate Havfrue with their pan-European backbone network to provide direct connectivity to the Nordics avoiding major conventional transatlantic traffic passages.

EXA Infrastructure, VP Network Investments, Steve Roberts said: “As we embark on this strategic partnership with NJFX, we’re not just connecting infrastructure; we’re forging a pathway for our customers to traverse the digital landscape faster and more efficiently than ever before. We are excited to be partnering with NJFX and this collaboration amplifies opportunities for our customers to access Europe with unprecedented speed on the EXA network. We are committed to providing cutting-edge solutions in today’s digital era that is defined by connectivity.”

NJFX is distinguished for its unique strategy in linking carrier-grade networks beyond major U.S. cities, accommodating 35 international and domestic operators and growing. The NJFX campus is also where the major cloud and network operators have their global backbones physically connecting to transatlantic cables to Europe and South America. The alliance with EXA amplifies NJFX’s dedication to offering customers unmatched options in network connectivity.

Felix Seda, General Manager at NJFX, said: “We are proud to have EXA Infrastructure as part of our growing ecosystem integrating their expansive network with our robust connectivity infrastructure. By establishing a presence at the NJFX colocation campus, EXA customers are now able to leverage low latency routes to major connectivity hubs avoiding legacy chokepoints.”

This alliance represents a significant milestone in the telecommunications industry, offering existing and prospective customers enhanced network options. With an emphasis on diversity, capacity, and growth scalability, NJFX and EXA Infrastructure are committed to driving forward the future of global connectivity.


About NJFX

Located in Wall, New Jersey, NJFX is the innovative leader in carrier-neutral colocation and subsea infrastructure, setting a new standard for interconnecting carrier-grade networks outside any major U.S. city. Our campus hosts over 35 global and U.S. operators, including multinational banks that rely on us for their “never down” network strategies. The NJFX campus is also where the major cloud operators have their global backbones physically connecting to transatlantic cables to Europe and South America. NJFX customers requiring transparency and true diversity can interconnect at a layer one level with their preferred network connectivity partners. For more information, visit


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About EXA Infrastructure

Headquartered in London, EXA Infrastructure is a portfolio company of I Squared Capital and the largest dedicated digital infrastructure platform connecting Europe and North America and owns 142,000 kilometres of fibre network across 34 countries. EXA’s network connects 300 cities and offers 13 Tier 3-equivalent data centres, with sub-sea routes that include five transatlantic cables, one the lowest latency link between Europe and North America. For more information, see exainfra.net

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Alana Foster
EXA Infrastructure

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