Pioneering as a Carrier-Neutral Colocation CLS, Nurturing Young Leaders, and Fostering a Diverse Ecosystem

The company’s commitment to nurturing young leaders and creating a diverse ecosystem has been instrumental in driving innovation, connectivity, and inclusivity.

June 8, 2023

Since our launch in 2015 as the first carrier-neutral colocation Cable Landing Station (CLS) in North America, NJFX has achieved remarkable growth and development in the telecommunications industry. Notably, NJFX has made significant progress during the challenging times of the COVID-19 pandemic. Alongside being the first of its kind, NJFX has actively pushed young leaders into the industry and fostered a diverse ecosystem, contributing to innovation, connectivity, and inclusivity.

NJFX has played a pivotal role in nurturing young talent and propelling them into the telecommunications industry. Through various initiatives and internships, NJFX has empowered aspiring professionals to develop the skills necessary to succeed in this evolving industry. NJFX is proud to see all of our interns continue to grow their professional careers within telecoms, as we all reunited at ITW 2023. By investing in the next generation, NJFX has helped shape the future of the industry, enabling young leaders to make significant contributions and drive innovation.

Amidst the unprecedented challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, NJFX has demonstrated resilience and adaptability. With its robust infrastructure and commitment to uninterrupted service, NJFX played a critical role in ensuring seamless connectivity for our customers during these uncertain times. The company’s dedication to maintaining operational excellence has helped support the global digital infrastructure and fostered continuity for various sectors relying on secure and reliable connectivity.

NJFX’s distinction as the first carrier-neutral colocation CLS has been instrumental in revolutionizing the industry. We are strategically positioned with direct access to four submarine cable systems,  attracting major US and international carriers, content providers, and enterprises to our campus. NJFX’s commitment to community engagement further amplifies the positive impact of this growth, ensuring it reaches and benefits communities near and far.

A core aspect of NJFX’s success lies in its dedication to creating a diverse ecosystem. NJFX has established itself as a trailblazer by creating a diverse ecosystem that bypasses traditional telecommunication hubs like New York and Miami. With its strategic location at a key landing point for submarine cable systems, NJFX offers a direct, low-latency connection between North America, Europe, and South America. By bypassing the congested routes and potential points of failure associated with traditional hubs, NJFX has become a game-changer, providing enterprises, carriers, and content providers with unparalleled connectivity options.

We like to reflect on the last three years and see how much NJFX, our customers, and employees have grown. NJFX has maintained its commitment to providing reliable connectivity and supporting digital infrastructure. By pushing young leaders into the industry and cultivating a diverse ecosystem, NJFX has fostered innovation, connectivity, and inclusivity, solidifying its position as a leader in the telecommunications industry.

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