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NJFX is the first Tier 3 carrier-neutral colocation campus that intersects where subsea cables from the United States, South America, Europe and the Caribbean meet.  This new edge generates the ability for customers to take control of their networks instead of being forced to rely on traditional backhaul solutions. NJFX’s facility uniquely offers companies a choice when deciding how they interconnect U.S. domestic networks with international subsea systems. The company is redefining proximity by providing direct interconnection options at the cable-head without recurring costs on cross-connects. Phase one of the NJFX facility build opened in 2015 with DC power and AC power available upon reservation, and phase two opened September 2016, offering high and low-density solutions for strategic deployments.

   Carrier-Neutral Meet-Me-Room with individual Cabinets, Cages and Tier 3 Data Center Space

   Independent Sub-Sea Cable Access between North America, South America and Europe

   Metro Network Fiber Providers with Tier One Backbone ISP Solutions

   Meet Me Room for the Subsea systems

   Tours Available by Appointment

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