Tier-3 By the Subsea

Carrier-Neutral Cable Landing Station Campus

Subsea Cables
of U.S. Carriers

Today at 11:55 am, NJFX began experiencing intermittent loss of electric utility service and has chosen to go on N+1 generator power until the storm subsides. There has been no impact to customers and all other systems are operating as designed.
NJFX staff will provide an update once it returns to normal electric utility service.
Please refer to the NJFX Client Portal for the latest information.
Stay Healthy, Stay Safe.
NJFX Customer Support


As a designated critical infrastructure site, NJFX is always prepared and ready with an emergency response plan. The COVID-19 pandemic is unique. NJFX is adapting to a fluid situation, enacting new protocols, modifying them continuously and updating our procedures as those protocols are updated.

First and foremost, we pledge to protect and maintain the health and safety of our employees, customers and vendors. Our long-standing continuity plans are in place, with added emphasis on hygiene and cleanliness at our facility. Only our designated essential employees are on site.

As a society, the shift to an increased reliance on technology, and the role of NJFX in that shift, is something that we take very seriously. We are placing great importance on maintaining the level of operations that our customers have come to depend on and expect. Now, more than ever, it’s paramount that our connected world remains so. We are working closely with our ecosystem of carriers and service providers to help however needed. We are ready to rise to the challenge.

Stay healthy, stay safe.

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