Tier 3 by the subsea

Carrier Neutral Cable Landing Station Campus

Connectivity Unrivaled

Middle Mile Infrastructure

Global Network Wholesale Market Place for US Cloud, Internet & Subsea Cables to Europe, South America, and the Caribbean


High and Low-Density Solutions within our Tier-3, Carrier-Neutral, HIPAA Compliant Colocation Campus

Customer Benefits

Network operators can take the necessary steps to design, engineer and maintain a reliable architecture with diversity to other PoPs around the world at our CLS

Pricing Guide

Transparent pricing on cabinets, cages, home rune cables, and more with no recurring cross-connect fees

Metro Connect USA 2023

Metro Connect USA 2023! Where the future of the U.S. digital infra market is shaped. Say hello to our CEO Gil Santaliz Event Details: Fort Lauderdale

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PTC ’23

The NJFX team is traveling to Hawaii for PTC ’23! Traveling to the beautiful island of O’ahu for the connections and lasting memories  Say hello to Gil

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NYNOG Holiday Party 2022

The NJFX team is heading to NYC for NYNOG! After a long time without seeing one another, we’re looking forward to catching up. Say hello to Gil

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