Bulk Infrastructure is a leading provider of sustainable digital infrastructure in the Nordics. Bulk is a privately-owned industrial investor, developer and operator of industrial real estate, data centers and dark fiber networks. Bulk believe in the value creation opportunity of enabling the digital society to be fully sustainable. Its ambition is to be the go-to provider for anyone that wants to leverage the Nordics for data processing requirements of the future, whether in Denmark, Sweden or Norway. Bulk’s track record of delivering high quality and cost-effective customer solutions with short “time to market” has made Bulk ranked #1 in the Nordics as a regional industrial real estate developer. Hence Bulk’s vision: Racing to bring sustainable infrastructure to a global audience.
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  • RFS: H1 2020
  • Cable Length: 7,200 km
  • Owners: Aqua Comms, Facebook, Bulk Infrastructure, Google
  • Notes: Aqua Comms acts as the overall system administrator for the Havfrue cable, and has dubbed the portion of the cable where it has ownership (Denmark, Ireland, and U.S. segments) as AEC-2.
  • Bulk Infrastructure is the Norwegian landing party for Havfrue.

Landing Points

  • Wall Township, New Jersey, United States (NJFX)
  • Blaabjerg, Denmark
  • Kristiansand, Norway
  • Lecanvey, Ireland

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