Tampnet, founded in 2001 in Stavanger, Norway, operates the world’s largest offshore high-capacity communication network, serving clients in Oil & Gas, Wind Energy, Maritime, and Carrier sectors.

Tampnet Carrier’s unique network routes traverse 8 countries, connecting over 40 core data centres across 12 markets throughout Europe and the United States. Dual-path capability between Norway, Europe and UK is their key differentiator, providing diverse routing through Great Britain and via Sweden and Denmark.  This high-speed terrestrial and subsea network enables low latency, reliability, redundancy and secure connectivity solutions for the most demanding industries.  The NORFEST subsea route brings greater resiliency, flexibility and scalability to Nordic infrastructure, with direct connectivity to 10 key cities along the Norwegian coast, and Nordic data centre hubs powered by renewable energy along.

With a steadfast commitment to sustainability, Tampnet upgrades infrastructure to energy-efficient 4G and 5G technology, striving towards a carbon-neutral future.

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