PIT Chile is an IXP (Internet eXchange Point) neutral, public, open, and transparent that operates in different cities of Chile, from north to south. In Santiago, the capital city, we have 12 points of presence in the main data centers. Created in 2016, PIT Chile is the first point of exchange operating in Chile, bringing together Internet providers (ISP) with content providers (CDN), allowing bilateral peering among all its members.

The main objective of PIT Chile is to put just “one switch away” between consumers and internet providers. In this way, the Chilean IXP search for continuous growth, incorporating the most significant number of members, whether PITs, ISPs, CDNs, or other institutions such as universities, state bodies, and financial institutions that meet the technical requirements of interconnection. Some of the members of PIT Chile are Microsoft, Google, SpaceX, and the leading ISP providers of Chile, such as Telefónica, VTR, Claro, Entel, WOM, Mundo, and Claro, in addition to some international ISP providers, such as T-Mobile and AT&T.

PIT Chile has one of the highest traffic volumes in the region, ranked the 4th IXP largest in the world in traffic and the second in Latin America, just after Brazil. According to LACNIC measurements, it is also the second-best in the region on response times.

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