Customer Benefits

  • NJFX-white-icon-400x400a A Tier-3 Backhaul, Fully Bypassing New York

NJFX offers access to multiple backhaul providers for direct and diverse connectivity to Ashburn, Chicago, Philadelphia, North Carolina, Dallas and other cities around the US, eliminating New York City as a single point of failure. NJFX has established a new standard in global communications interconnect where network providers offer dark and lit services with dual entrances to the world’s first Tier-3 Cable Landing Station (CLS) Campus.

  • NJFX-white-icon-400x400a Global Connectivity

Direct connectivity to Europe, South America and the Caribbean is now possible here at NJFX via the subsea cables landing directly at our campus. 

A network presence at NJFX enables enterprise, content, media, government, and communications providers to have maximized redundancy, reduced latency, and better quality connections with fewer international points of failure, validating the protection of their international traffic. The NJFX team ensures each carrier network interconnection is designed and maintained with reliable architectural diversity through a physical presence and access to the Meet-Me-Room (MMR) within our Tier-3 CLS Campus.

  • NJFX-white-icon-400x400a Int'l & Domestic Cloud / Caching

Subsea connectivity enables faster, high-capacity data connections resulting in competitive cloud costs, scalability, and widley available data. Connecting data center infrastructure from North America to Europe, South America and the Caribbean increases speed and capacity, thereby reducing latency for global customers.

  • NJFX-white-icon-400x400a CLS to CLS Capable

By establishing a Point of Presence (PoP) at NJFX, network operators can take the necessary steps to design, engineer and maintain a reliable architecture with diversity to other PoPs around the world at our Tier-3 Cable Landing Station (CLS) Campus. NJFX’s CLS Campus partners in Tuckerton, New Jersey provide direct connectivity and diverse routes between Europe, North America, South America and the Caribbean via backhaul providers. This means lower operational costs, fewer points of failure, and better service quality.

  • NJFX-white-icon-400x400a Colocation, Simplified

Positioned at the easternmost edge of North America, NJFX’s Tier-3, carrier-neutral data center in Wall, New Jersey is the first and only US data center physically located at the meeting point of multiple subsea cable landings interconnecting three continents – North America, South America and Europe. 

This leading colocation facility provides international connectivity which is just a single cross-connect away, generating a high-resilience, low-latency network with direct interconnection options for service providers, enterprises, carrier-neutral operators and cable companies.

  • NJFX-white-icon-400x400a Professional Services & More

Through the utilization of Remote Hands Services (RHS), NJFX staff and support can provide customers with physical on-site assistance on an as-needed basis. Utilizing NJFX’s Remote Hands Services allows our customers to outsource their business operations and maximize efficiency at a fraction of the cost. NJFX Also offers NJFX Seats, facilitating customers looking to achieve FINRA compliance the opportunity to use our onsite facilities as well as carriers seeking the convenience of directly accessing their network equipment.


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