Gil Santaliz to Speak at Capacity North America 2016

October 15, 2015


Gil Santaliz speaks at Capacity North America


Gil Santaliz is the Founder and Managing Member of NJFX. Mr. Santaliz developed the vision for NJFX as one of the most unique locations possible for secure global connectivity with the lowest latency between three continents.

Mr. Santaliz was previously the CEO, Founder and Managing Member of 4Connections LLC, a metro fiber network provider which he founded in 2001. Under Mr. Santaliz’s leadership, 4Connections pioneered New Jersey regulatory issues as the leader in the deployment of a carrier-neutral dark fiber services for New Jersey and New York City. Dark fiber services were provided to carriers, financial service firms, exchanges, health-care networks, education, state and local government institutions. Mr. Santaliz successfully exited the business in a preemptive transaction in 2008 with Optimum Lightath a wholly owned subsidiary of Cablevision.

Prior to founding 4Connections, Mr. Santaliz, who has over two decades in the communications and energy industry, was the General Manger of a joint venture company between GPU Telcom and Telergy which leased dark fiber network.

Previously, Mr. Santaliz was Vice President of Business Development at iCentennial Ventures, a New York-based Internet Incubator.

During his early career, Mr. Santaliz held several management positions at the Williams Company, PSE&G, and started his career at MCI in New York, Atlanta and Mexico City.

Today, Mr. Santaliz serves on the Morristown Medical Center Foundation Board and the Board for the Morristown Beard School. He has also recently led as Interim CEO of Fiber Companies such as 24/7 and supported private equity groups such as Spire Capital through acquisition strategies.

Mr. Santaliz received his Bachelor of Science from Cornell University.

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About NJFX:

NJFX is a Tier 3 Carrier Neutral Cable Landing Station campus. Our colocation ecosystem has expanded to over 35 network operators offering flexibility, reliability, and security. Our Wall, NJ location provides direct access to multiple subsea cable systems giving our carriers diverse connectivity solutions and offers direct interconnection without recurring cross-connect fees.


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