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NJFX, the only Cable Landing Station (CLS) colocation campus in the U.S. offering Tier 3, carrier-neutral data center capabilities is working to provide data hosting services for our New Jersey enterprise community, including pharmaceuticals, healthcare, banking, government, education and more. Most recently, NJFX has been working to onboard a large New Jersey-based healthcare consulting firm. The firm serves premier acute care hospitals, major national insurers and governmental entities by collecting and warehousing client and public datasets. Rather than continue to devote physical assets on-site, the firm will turn to NJFX to house its IT infrastructure. Click here to learn more about why New Jersey businesses are choosing NJFX!

Enterprises are looking to streamline their day-to-day business operations and leave data center and colocation services to the experts, such as NJFX. NJFX not only has colocation services, its large and diverse ecosystem offers customers access to a wide variety of carriers and internet exchanges. 

A large, New Jersey-based healthcare consulting company recently decided to move patient data offsite to the NJFX facility. There are several reasons for this. NJFX has convenient, low-cost, resilient, diverse connectivity options, in a secure building, located in a suburban area. NJFX is disaster resistant and set away from congested metro areas that could be difficult to access in a crisis, such as the pandemic lockdown. This secure facility is also located 64 feet above sea level, which provides further protection for weather related issues.

“Enterprises are looking to not only protect their critical IT infrastructure, but also take advantage of our robust connectivity options to ensure they have ample bandwidth and diverse routes, all a cross-connect away,” comments CEO Gil Santaliz. “We offer unmatched connectivity, with internet access available at wholesale rates and peering available to a large ecosystem of carriers. In addition, our multi-level security measures and compliance certifications make us an attractive location for all types of sensitive information, including patient data.”

The pandemic has highlighted the need for diverse network architecture. If the recent months have taught us anything, it’s that a surge in digital services usage places tremendous pressure on the internet to further handle the rise in traffic volumes and shifting patterns of demand that can potentially affect the end-user experience. To keep that traffic flowing, having a network route around the highly congested New York metro area offers much needed increased resiliency. 

Healthcare customers can take advantage of NJFX’s HIPAA compliant status, which was recently renewed for a second consecutive year. It is clear that healthcare data will not only increase but be even more imperative in the coming months and year as the medical world works to gather information, assess patient outcomes, collect test results and more to battle the COVID-19 pandemic. NJFX is ready, willing, and prepared to assist in housing the critical IT infrastructure needed for these efforts. 

New Jersey has already been impacted by one hurricane this year, and peak season remains through November. Our disaster recovery model is second to none. Not one of our customers was affected by outages that plagued our area for days after Hurricane Isais. Located 30-feet from a power substation, NJFX, continued operations on generator power under its Covid-19 Hurricane preparedness protocols. NJFX was designed and built with disaster recovery top of mind. 

“When NJFX turned to us for consultation on power protocols during the facility’s construction, we noted that the location was superior because of the proximity to an existing utility substation. During outages, utilities will prioritize restoration efforts to substations in an effort to restore power,” commented Will Steffens, Principal, Sugarloaf Associates.  “As an extra layer of security, a switch was installed on the utility distribution systems just outside the facility to isolate NJFX from impacts on the distribution system in the surrounding area. Even if there is extensive damage to the utility system in the area and the substation is energized, NJFX will be up and running.”

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