Mike Reverendo Promoted to CISO and Controller

Young Talent Leaders Growing Within NJFX – Masters Graduate promoted to Chief Information Security Officer and Controller

Mike Reverendo

CISO & Controller

February 27, 2023

Wall Township, NJ  – Mike Reverendo is celebrating his second-year anniversary at NJFX and has recently been named Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) and Controller. NJFX’s global infrastructure provides four subsea cables connecting Europe, North and South America, and the Caribbean. With over thirty-five network operators active at the NJFX facility, connectivity to our customers’ network follows strict security protocols with controlled physical access and various techniques to mitigate threats.

“NJFX has trusted me to secure access to all critical infrastructure and fiscal business operations. I look forward to maintaining the highest of security standards and working collaboratively with industry and government partners,” said Mike Reverendo, CISO & Controller, NJFX.

Mr. Reverendo has been the point person for NJFX to all its government partners. NJFX’s bolstered relationships with DHS, FBI, NJSP, MCPO, and other government entities are a testament to Mr. Reverendo’s proactive approach to establish partnerships to ensure the highest levels of both physical and network security. Over the last few years, his leadership has included voluntarily conducting DHS (Department of Homeland Security) audits for entities deemed essential in the sphere of critical infrastructure and the completion of SOC2 Certification. He has also eliminated third party security services to establish a team of professionals to ensure the highest standards for a sensitive environment.

“Aside from Mr. Reverendo’s professional contributions to our security standards, his leadership has been transformative to our culture of support and collaboration,” said Gil Santaliz, CEO, NJFX.

Today, Mr. Reverendo is working directly under the leadership of NJFX’s CFO, Jim Martini. This proactive relationship strengthens the day-to-day finances for our vendors and ensures our customers receive the highest level of support for their presence at NJFX. From studying Business Management & Marketing at The College of New Jersey and achieving a Master’s Degree in Criminal Justice from Monmouth University, Mr. Reverendo brings a unique skill set to the organization.  


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