Garden State’s Tech Landscape is Rich and Storied

July 10, 2023


From the beginning of the telecommunications story, New Jersey has played a crucial chapter. The state is home to the storied Bell Laboratories, where fiber optic cables came to life and the first cellular phone was invented. Today, New Jersey plays an important role in connecting the world, as the landing site of numerous subsea cables and a multitude of terrestrial fiber routes.

Traditionally the cable landing site was just that, a place for subsea cables to make landfall. The  cable landing station (CLS) served one purpose: house cable endpoints to be connected to terrestrial routes. Then came the colocation campus, where land and sea cables could meet, along with options for data center services. But even that model is changing very rapidly. Today, the CLS campus is a thriving hub, connecting terrestrial and subsea routes, along with interconnections of all types: major carriers, regional IPs, other subsea systems – all housed in the same place.

NJFX is serving as the North American model for the new CLS colocation hub. This benefits customers in many ways. Not only are the interconnection points varied and diverse, the site can also serve customers that want to take their data storage offsite. Enterprises are looking to streamline their day-to-day business operations and leave data center and colocation services to the experts, such as NJFX. Customers at NJFX has access to convenient, low-cost, resilient, diverse connectivity options, in a secure building, located in a suburban area. NJFX is disaster resistant and set away from congested metro areas that could be difficult to access in a crisis, such as the pandemic lockdown or severe hurricanes. This secure facility is also located 64 feet above sea level, which provides further protection for weather related issues.

Members of the leadership team at NJFX have established themselves as thought leaders in the space, and are sought after speakers. This adds a high level of expertise for NJFX, which has cemented itself as a leading carrier-neutral CLS colocation facility, providing international connectivity just a single cross-connect away and generating a high-resilience, low-latency network with direct interconnection options for service providers, enterprises, carrier-neutral operators and cable companies.


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