NJFX Team Completes Expansion of 2N Electrical Distribution 

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Gil Santaliz


April 17, 2023

NJFX, a carrier-neutral colocation CLS, has completed another growth phase expanding its 2N electrical distribution in-house. This expansion is utilizing a current 2N Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) configuration & generators. This will help distribute additional critical power to both existing and new customers within the NJFX ecosystem to support over two megawatts of customer demand. 

This project consisted of installing UPS distribution panels, automatic static transfer switches, transformers, and panel boards, which were installed solely in-house by the NJFX Operations team. The team worked closely with our electrical engineering firm and the township inspector to maintain our Tier3 by the Subsea standards of “never down.” 

One of the key milestones for the project was completing the wire pulls between the main NJFX electrical room and customer power distribution room, mostly consisting of 500 MCM. The team managed to complete the pulls as a three-man team and moved on to testing and terminations supported by our qualified vendors. The project was completed within the anticipated timeline of Spring 2023, despite some material delays. 

Working with 480v and energized equipment always comes with some risks. The Operations team considers this a low to medium risk of installation. The team has the necessary experience, skillset and has done their due diligence in managing these risks. Proper use of personal protective equipment (PPE) and the correct tools helps mitigate these concerns and keep our team safe. 

Looking ahead, NJFX will begin planning for additional projects.  This will involve our in-house operations team installing an additional Megawatt of UPS systems. 

Overall, completing this expansion in-house is a significant achievement for NJFX. This project allows NJFX to better serve its existing customers and provide new infrastructure for new customers. The project’s successful completion sets the stage for future projects and initiatives within NJFX. 


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