NJFX Supports Global Communications Infrastructure From 1,500 Miles Away, As Historic Hurricane’s Impacts Are Felt

NJFX’s Colocation Campus is crucial in supporting interconnecting subsea cables, as Miami is threatened by the aftereffects of Irma

September 12, 2017

WALL, NJ –  New Jersey Fiber Exchange (NJFX), the first and only colocation campus to sit at a cable landing station in the U.S and offers Tier 3, carrier neutral data center capabilities, announces today its urgent work with major carriers to expedite installation of infrastructure to support a major connectivity hub in jeopardy from Hurricane Irma related power outages.

It’s more important than ever for the United States to have the infrastructure in place to avoid a loss of global connectivity.  “The way we communicate worldwide is through the Miami, Puerto Rico and New York City gateways,” states Gil Santaliz, CEO for NJFX. “If Miami went down, the only way to communicate to Europe and South America is through Puerto Rico. We are in contact right now with major carriers that supply connectivity to large, international companies and are looking to keep networks up and running. They are confidently turning to NJFX and rest assured that their needs will be met.”

Santaliz adds, “If New York’s telecom infrastructure is impacted either through natural or other disasters, then major carriers and telecoms will be adversely affected. Because NJFX has an optimal location in New Jersey, which bypasses legacy chokepoints and the congested NYC routes, we play a major a role in making networks work. NJFX offers a critical solution for multinational businesses and carriers in the U.S.”

NJFX’s New Jersey location is 64 feet above sea level, making it impervious to tidal surge and ideal for disaster recovery. NJFX clients can diversify their connectivity options to key hubs across North America, Europe, South America and the Caribbean. Through its many partnerships and more than 10 carriers and service provider partners, NJFX clients have direct access to any carrier’s suite of services in the NJFX ecosystem, without incurring cross-connect fees.

“Aqua Comms provides high capacity networking systems designed to future-proof connectivity options for cloud, content, service providers and carriers,” comments Nigel Bayliff, CEO for Aqua Comms. “We recognize the value of being strategically located at the NJFX campus because it securely interconnects major, international subsea networks with terrestrial networks on the U.S. east coast.“

For more information, please visit www.njfx.net. For the latest news, follow the company on TwitterLinkedIn and Facebook.


About NJFX:

NJFX is a Tier 3 Carrier Neutral Cable Landing Station campus. Our colocation ecosystem has expanded to over 35 network operators offering flexibility, reliability, and security. Our Wall, NJ location provides direct access to multiple subsea cable systems giving our carriers diverse connectivity solutions and offers direct interconnection without recurring cross-connect fees.

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