NJFX – Unlocking a Gateway to AsiaPac with PCCW

October 26, 2020

AsiaPac Gateway

We recently shared a closer look at how New Jersey connects the world through the state’s long history in telecommunications going back to Bell Labs and the world’s first cell phone call in 1973, well before the internet was born. Today, smart phones are ubiquitous and more users are accessing the internet on their phones than ever. New Jersey, along with companies such as NJFX, are still playing an important role in shaping the telecom industry. Having developed a global Cable Landing Station ecosystem, connecting four subsea cables and seven independent U.S. fiber based backhaul providers, NJFX is also a strategic meet point for global carriers. NJFX CLS recently welcomed PCCW Global to our CLS ecosystem. Establishing direct access to PCCW Global’s MPLS network and its award-winning Software-Defined Interconnection® platform, Console Connect, this new PoP brings NJFX customers direct connectivity to a global ecosystem of leading cloud, data center, SaaS, UCaaS, IX and IoT partners.

It is encouraging to see that despite the challenges with the global pandemic, with many lives and businesses severely impacted, along with strained business climates across many regions, that there are many signs of positivity and growth. In the midst of all these unknowns, NJFX is staying true to its mission of truly enabling its clients’ success along with increased collaboration and capabilities for all.

“What we have learned through a very challenging couple of quarters, is that the internet did not break. With millions of people more dependent on staying virtually connected than ever before, we were able to rise to the occasion, providing a robust eco-system with many options for our partners and customers,” states Sarah Kurtz, Business Development Manager for NJFX. “And we quickly learned that building on this ecosystem is the best way to stay connected, reduce latency, increase security and provide the most diverse options we can to our community. PCCW Global’s network has also been especially attractive to U.S. financials who have embraced its reach to AsiaPac. And now, combined with their suite of cloud services, PCCW Global becomes a critical component of global communications.”

Global Interconnection On-Demand

Let’s take a closer look at PCCW Global, a world leader in communications that also has a long history of delivering leading telecoms solutions. The company has built a digital platform called Console Connect that delivers agility and control to customers so they can manage their network and communications services on-demand. Console Connect uses Software-Defined Network technology to make the interconnection of cloud-based services and business-critical applications simple, predictable and secure. It enables users to self-provision connections across a secure MPLS network that delivers significant economies of scale, high-speed performance and flexibility.

“Using the Console Connect platform, NJFX customers can now interconnect in a much smarter and more efficient way, while also managing and delivering their services in real-time,” says Michael Glynn, Vice President of Digital Automated Innovation, PCCW Global. “What sets Console Connect apart is that the digital platform runs on one of the world’s largest MPLS networks that combines the flexibility of on-demand cloud with the security, reliability and performance of high-quality, owned infrastructure, physically separate to the public internet. This makes the platform a particularly strong fit for the stringent security requirements of financial organizations located in and around the NJFX colocation campus.”

Console Connect’s wholesale NNI solution is advantageous for carriers and addresses their unique technical and commercial requirements as part of a digital supply-chain. Providing instant provisioning for carriers, the NNI solution allows organizations to leverage the full range of network automation and connectivity capabilities of Console Connect.

PCCW Global’s Next Generation Network supports a wide portfolio of international voice and data solutions, cost-effective value-added managed services and a range of network monitoring services.

PCCW Global has a strong network reach from the U.S. to Asia offering one of the largest fully-meshed IP backbone networks in the Asia-Pacific region, reaching more than 400 cities with MPLS VPN.

With an extensive and resilient network infrastructure across the Americas, Europe, Africa, the Middle East and Asia-Pacific, PCCW Global currently meets the international connectivity needs of enterprise, financials and wholesale customers in more than 3,000 cities.

To learn more about PCCW, go to www.pccwglobal.com. To connect with PCCW Global at NJFX, please contact emily@njfx.net.


About NJFX:

NJFX is a Tier 3 Carrier Neutral Cable Landing Station campus. Our colocation ecosystem has expanded to over 35 network operators offering flexibility, reliability, and security. Our Wall, NJ location provides direct access to multiple subsea cable systems giving our carriers diverse connectivity solutions and offers direct interconnection without recurring cross-connect fees.

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