Orchest Selects NJFX Connectivity Hub for Unique Offerings

Pay-As-You-Go Model Paves the Way for LATAM Interconnectivity

Weston, Florida – Orchest Technologies, a leading provider of wholesale connectivity solutions and pioneer of network automation in Latin America, is now offering pay-as-you-go services out of NJFX’s carrier-neutral CLS campus in Wall Township, New Jersey. This move provides businesses with the flexibility to connect to the right network operator while avoiding legacy congestion points, such as Miami and New York.

Orchest’s pay-as-you-go model allows customers to pay only for the services they use with a minimum consumption commitment, providing a cost-effective solution for businesses of all sizes. Orchest customers will have free out-of-band signaling services, along with half rack specials to enable cost-effective points of presence (POPs) for LATAM networks with no recurring cross connect fees. Networks can scale their connectivity needs according to their budget, without having to worry about overpaying for unused resources.

“On-Demand connectivity opens incredible possibilities for different verticals or even carriers looking to expand into Latam while minimizing risk and cost of entry. With this unique offering we are introducing a new way to improve the traditional model, providing the right flexibility and dynamicity to scale resources as needed” said Jeremy Villalobos, COO at Orchest.

NJFX’s carrier neutral CLS campus offers a unique advantage for networks to interconnect while having direct access to multiple subsea cable systems, connecting North America to Europe, South America, and beyond. This direct access to global connectivity provides businesses with the ability to expand their reach and enhance their presence.

“Utilizing the Seabras-1 cable at NJFX, plus access to the other LATAM Subsea cables, via our 35 network operators creates diverse network connectivity and diversity from Miami,” said Gil Santaliz, CEO at NJFX.

Orchest’s pay-as-you-go services, coupled with NJFX’s direct connectivity options, makes for a powerful combination that can help businesses stay competitive in today’s fast-paced digital landscape.

For more information on this exciting new offering, please visit NJFX.net and Orchest.net


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