Seaborn announces Additional Flexibility & Resiliency for its LATAM/US Connectivity

Seaborn today announces its Seabras1 ethernet, IP and wave capacity as availability from the NJFX Cable Station Campus. Today more than ever network diversity and transparency are critical to the uptime of networks. The Seabras cable which was ready for service in 2017 has offered a bypass Miami & Caribbean option since day one. Today from NJFX it can now bypass NYC, Newark, Philadelphia or any another potential network congestion point in North America by utilizing the 25 physical network operators connected at NJFX.

“Utilizing North American networks at NJFX allows Seaborn a savings it can share. Aside from the no cross connect fee model there is a competitive wholesale marketplace available. Many carriers have special pricing they can make available to their end users which are not generally available. A good example is our US Banking customers which embrace the extra level of security by having their own dark fiber at NJFX interconnecting their core network nodes and using NJFX as their hand off to subsea cables connecting Europe and now LATAM through Seaborn” commented Gil Santaliz, CEO of NJFX.

“We are pleased to be participating in this unique, carrier neutral ecosystem NJFX has created to deepen our relationship with the wholesale carrier community as well as provide the enterprise customers optionally for access to diverse terrestrial networks and our Seabras-1 subsea cable system. This is an exciting opportunity to reach new customers with flexibility and scale while driving end-user enablement at this world-class facility.” said Steve Orlando CEO of Seaborn.

“In today’s rapidly changing connectivity landscape, network operators realize that having access to diverse subsea and terrestrial options is the foundation of their ability to reach new customers and penetrate new markets. Leveraging Seaborn as a gateway, LATAM-based ISP’s can seamlessly bypass Florida/NYC to reach NJFX and interexchange traffic with our European and U.S. based providers” said Felix Seda, General Manager of NJFX.

About Seaborn

Seaborn attends global communications needs in the Americas, providing Transport, Ethernet Private Line and IP services. Unique among independent cable operators, Seaborn fully operates and maintains its subsea and land-based cable infrastructure. POPs, Terrestrial Backhaul and Cable Landing Station of submarine cables are owned by Seaborn. Seaborn’s team has designed, built and operated more submarine cable systems than any other telecommunications team, including more than 75 Cable Landing Stations, 250 global POPs and 250,000 km of submarine fiber optic cables.

Media Contact:

Kai Honda, Manager of Sales Operations and Marketing

About NJFX

NJFX owns and operates a 64,800 square foot purpose-built Tier 3 Cable Landing Station (CLS) Colocation campus in Wall, NJ. This unique campus is the only carrier-neutral CLS colocation campus in the U.S supported by several route-independent carriers that offer direct access to multiple independent subsea cable systems interconnecting North America, Europe, South America and the Caribbean. The facility offers direct access to TGN1, TGN2, and Seabras. The building is the subsea cable landing of HAVFRUE/AEC2 this year as well as the Confluence system in the near future. High and low-density colocation solutions are available with 24/7 support.

Media Contact:

Emily Newman, Marketing and Public Relations Coordinator


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