Cabinet SpaceMRCNRC
19″ 44RU Locking Cabinet includes minimum 3.5kw power (120v/208v AC A/B @ $500 per kw)$1,750.00$1,750.00
Cage SpaceMRCNRC
10×10 (12kw Minimum @ $500 per kw)$6,000.00$6,000.00
10×15 (17.5kw Minimum @ $500 per kw)$8,750.00$8,750.00
10×20 (24kw Minimum @ $500 per kw)$12,000.00$12,000.00
Cage Add-OnsMRCNRC
Biometric: NJFX Monitored with customer access by request$75.00$75.00
Camera: NJFX Monitored with customer access by request$125.00$125.00
Home run to MMRMRCNRC
12 Fiber Run$900.00$900.00
24 Fiber Run$1,500.00$1,500.00
48 Fiber Run$2,000.00$2,000.00
96 Fiber Run$2,500.00$2,500.00
144 Fiber Run$3,000.00$3,000.00
Home run Add-OnsMRCNRC
MMR Racks (price per RU)$150.00$150.00
POE (1.25″ Inner Duct)$500.00$27,500.00
Cross ConnectsMRCNRC
Support Services NRC
NJFX RHS/Smart Hands Services 1 Hour minimum, billed @ 15 Min increments after the 1st hour $225.00


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