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Our General Manager making a difference at PTC giving a new generation a seat at the table 

Felix Seda

General Manager

January 18, 2023

Honolulu, HI – As many of you know this industry comes together within a galaxy of conferences spanning wireless, satellite, subsea, and cloud, etc. Thirty years ago,  the technology was not there to have the assortment of conferences that we all attend today. PTC is one that has been standing and representing what this industry is all about. With the commitment to educate, create partnerships, and contribute to making this world beyond what we can imagine. PTC’23 has proven that we can make a difference in the future of telecom.

Or General Manager, Felix Seda, attended his first PTC in 2018. At the time, his role was Director of Site Access & Administration where he was responsible for engaging, contracting our vendors, and overseeing the company’s budgetary outlook during the construction of the NJFX facility. Once construction of the NJFX facility was completed, he then progressed to help oversee Operations & Site Access. In this role, Felix was responsible for day-to-day operations ensuring proper procedures were established for entering the NJFX campus along with implementing protocols for our vendors and customers to follow when conducting work on-site.

Attending PTC allowed Felix to develop valuable relationships with our customers and get a first-hand view of the conversations being had amongst our peers in the industry. These valuable relationships allowed Felix to move more into a Business Development role eventually becoming the General Manager of NJFX. Felix is now directly responsible for overseeing the growth of NJFX’s ecosystem of network operators while working closely with existing and prospective customers to uncover new connectivity solutions that help meet our clients’ goals and strategic initiatives.

Felix has now become an established pillar of the Telecom community with accomplishments including the Capacity Power 100 list. This global index lists 100 of the most influential people in the wholesale carrier and ICT communities. Those named are not only powerful people in their respective fields but also innovators, disruptors, critical thinkers, and agents of change – who push the conversation forward in some way or another. Being an agent of change is essential to moving things forward and Felix has utilized his experience to help push the next generation of Telecom to implement the Millennials of Telecom reception at PTC’20.

Felix’s growing influence in the industry helped him become part of the PTC Advisory Council and Membership Committee. During his time on the Advisory Council, Felix has been instrumental in establishing PTC Beyond – an initiative aimed to help get the younger generation to attend PTC and become more involved as leaders in their respective organizations.


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