Telxius teams up with NJFX to Deliver Fully Diverse Subsea Cable Connectivity Across the Atlantic and Latin America

The agreement extends the Marea, Dunant and Brusa subsea cable systems to New Jersey to provide customers with enhanced diversity and seamless access to key North American digital hubs 

October 18, 2022  

Madrid, Spain and Wall Township, NJ, US – Telxius, the leading digital telecommunications infrastructure operator, has teamed up with NJFX, the carrier-neutral Cable Landing Station (CLS) colocation campus in Wall, New Jersey, to give customers on-demand access to redundant subsea cable infrastructure across the Atlantic and Latin America. This collaboration allows Telxius to provide its customers with fully diverse global solutions through submarine cables landing at or nearby NJFX and serve subsea cable restoration needs between cable systems landing at NJFX and the Telxius’ Virginia Beach cable landing station.

Telxius is now offering a direct terrestrial fibre route between its CLS in Virginia Beach to NJFX’s campus. This new, unique route is the most direct link between NJFX and Telxius VA Beach CLS, extending the capabilities and services related to Telxius’ Marea, Dunant and Brusa subsea cable systems. Customers in key hubs in Chicago, Montreal, New York, Richmond and Toronto will benefit from multiterabit capacity, a wide range of advanced services on next-generation subsea infrastructure and enhanced diverse connectivity across international digital hubs. This vital link bypasses Ashburn, VA, satisfying the requirements of customers seeking diversity from overly dense infrastructure in Ashburn.

“We are continually finding new ways to enhance the reliability and resiliency of our global infrastructure. Our collaboration with NJFX gives customers rapid access to critical infrastructure and satisfies the diversity and low latency needs of some of the most demanding customers in the financial sector,” said Gerardo Bonilla, Head of Sales at Telxius. “NJFX has a track record of supporting some of the largest players in international networking and is continually growing its ecosystem. We look forward to growing together and offering ultra-reliable global connectivity.”

Telxius’ new presence at NJFX will provide NJFX’s customers with direct access to the Telxius global submarine network consisting of over 80,000 km of high-capacity fibre optic submarine cables with diverse terrestrial backhauls. This will allow NJFX’s customers access to Telxius complete array of services Including Tier-1 IP Transit, global capacity, colocation and security solutions. Telxius’ low latency, diverse and robust Atlantic routes are powered by almost 100 PoPs in 18 countries, 25 landing stations and two communications hubs connecting to world-leading data centres. By joining the NJFX interconnection platform, Telxius and its customers gain direct, on-demand interconnection with Havfrue/AEC-2, Seabras-1, TGN1 and TGN2, providing diverse connectivity across both the Atlantic and to Latin America.

“Telxius provides customers with fresh connectivity options to crucial European digital hubs as well as Latin American markets that are expanding quickly. The ‘trusted middle mile’ of interconnected independent networks is improved thanks to our cooperation with Telxius,” said Gil Santaliz, CEO of NJFX. “It’s wonderful to see new redundancy to boost service quality throughout the Atlantic and Latin America as we work to increase uptime and lessen the effects of service interruptions. We are thrilled to have Telxius at NJFX and to be collaborating with them to provide clients with the finest services.”

Enterprise, content, media, government, and communications providers can take advantage of redundancy, decreased latency, and high-quality connectivity with fewer global points of failure thanks to NJFX. Through a physical presence and access to the Meet-Me-Room (MMR) within its Tier-3 CLS campus, NJFX ensures that each carrier network interconnection is designed and maintained with reliable architectural diversity. NJFX is home to some of the biggest and most cutting-edge companies in global networking.


About Telxius

Telxius is a global leading digital telecommunications infrastructure operator. Our international high-capacity fibre optic submarine cable network covers 80,000 km and comprises six next-generation systems: Marea, Brusa, Dunant, Tannat, Junior and Mistral. Through our Tier 1 IP network we provide direct internet connectivity, with almost 100 points of presence in 18 countries. We also deliver a wide-ranging portfolio of capacity, colocation and security services. Thus, we contribute to creating collaboration agreements in the sector and facilitating global communications with our customers.

Colt understands today’s shifting connectivity requirements and provides agile, on-demand and secure high bandwidth networking and voice solutions to ensure enterprises can thrive. Customers include data-intensive organisations spanning over 220 cities in more than 32 countries. Colt is a recognized innovator and pioneer in Software Defined Networks (SDN) and Network Function Virtualisation (NFV). Privately owned, Colt is one of the most financially sound companies in the sector, and because of this, it’s able to put its customers’ needs at its core.

About NJFX:

NJFX is a Tier 3 Carrier Neutral Cable Landing Station campus. Our colocation ecosystem has expanded to over 35 network operators offering flexibility, reliability, and security. Our Wall, NJ location provides direct access to multiple subsea cable systems giving our carriers diverse connectivity solutions and offers direct interconnection without recurring cross-connect fees.

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