The Fourth Utility: Evolving Connectivity in 2024

Written + Edited by:

Kevin Ayerdis + Emily Newman

October 26, 2023

In the fast-paced and ever-changing landscape of the digital age, telecommunications have undeniably risen to the ranks and establishing itself among the top sixteen critical infrastructures according to the experts at CISA – America’s Cyber Defense Agency. It’s no exaggeration to say that in today’s world, we depend on connectivity as much as we do on electricity and healthcare. Our modern lives are so intricately woven into the fabric of connectivity that even a minor hiccup could not only cripple businesses but also send shockwaves through our daily lives, causing unforeseen disruptions we can hardly fathom. Welcome to the era where our very existence is tethered to the invisible threads of telecommunications.

In this modern world, where backup generators stand ready to thwart the inconvenience of power outages, the absence of access to one’s IT network takes on an entirely new dimension of urgency. The year 2024 beckons on you to reevaluate the bedrock of your digital diversity. For businesses deeply dependent on traditional carriers, a pivotal question looms large: Can these carrier assets truly assure the diversity of connectivity that our increasingly interconnected world demands?

NJFX is the first North American Cable Landing Station campus, uniquely integrating a Tier-III carrier-neutral colocation with an existing CLS – exemplifying Connectivity Unrivaled. Our strategic critical infrastructure enables direct access to four subsea cable systems, connecting six countries across three continents. With multiple terabits of capacity readily available across three Meet Me Rooms, NJFX have taken the steps establishing themselves as the foremost global colocation with over 35 network operators providing true diversity from New York City and Miami. Our innovative approach has set a new standard within the telecommunications industry, today being replicated by others. NJFX has taken the traditional data center concept and has established an interconnection marketplace at the cable head ends where subsea and terrestrial providers meet.

The Internet of Things (IoT) is reshaping industries globally, from manufacturing and transportation to healthcare and agriculture. As IoT’s influence continues to grow with the surge in connected devices, it’s essential to recognize the need for a secure, diverse, and redundant infrastructure to meet its advanced demands. In enterprises, IoT devices are revolutionizing financial transactions, security, healthcare monitoring, and customer service. It’s essential to house your equipment in a secure and reliable facility like NJFX, providing a seamless cross-connect for smooth and uninterrupted connectivity.

In an era where telecommunications has transformed from a mere utility into an indispensable lifeline, NJFX shines as a trailblazer in the realm of resilient and innovative connectivity solutions. NJFX’s unwavering commitment is to forge robust, cutting-edge connectivity solutions, with a particular focus on critical infrastructure, ultimately shaping a diverse connectivity hub that meets the evolving demands of our interconnected world.

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