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July 22, 2022


New Jersey Fiber Exchange (NJFX) recently opened a carrier-neutral “Meet-Me Room” in Wall that will give customers direct access to Tata Communications’ subsea cable network.

The company also broke ground on its 64,800-square-foot, Tier 3 carrier-neutral data center, which is adjacent to the Jersey Central Power & Light (JCP&L) substation.

Gil Santaliz, founder and managing member NJFXBoth of these developments should have a positive effect on Monmouth County residents, said Gil Santaliz, founder and managing member of NJFX. Santaliz is also the founder and former CEO and managing member of 4Connections, a metro dark fiber network provider that he started in 2001 and sold to Cablevision in 2008.

One reason why the new data center and Meet-Me Room could revitalize the Jersey Shore is that JCP&L is providing the electricity for both.

“We have made a commitment to make sure that JCP&L continues to invest in this infrastructure,” said Santaliz. “By working with JCP&L, we are helping Monmouth County have the most reliable infrastructure available. We are tied to that infrastructure.”

In addition, “our new facility and the Meet-Me Room are going to encourage many carriers to invest in additional infrastructure and bring more fiber down towards the Monmouth County area,” he said.

“As you get more fiber, you get more price competition, and the incentive for innovation increases. The lower fiber prices will help our local schools and hospitals as well. The price point for Internet will probably be 10 percent of what you would pay a local Internet provider because there will be wholesale rates at this building.”

Traditionally, all data traveling overseas from New Jersey had to go to a point in lower Manhattan first, where interconnections with overseas cables existed. This is somewhat ironic, given that the transatlantic cables terminate in New Jersey and on Long Island.

Santaliz told NJTechWeekly that the tradition of overseas interconnections happening in New York is a legacy from the days when AT&T was a monopoly.

However, “in our industry proximity means security,” he said. “The fewer hops I have to make between where the international cables actually land and where I pick them up is of value.” It makes sense that companies operating out of New Jersey data centers (as well as other data center hubs in Chicago and Ashburn, Va.) would choose to go directly to the cable landing and then go back out internationally from there, Santaliz said.

Santaliz told NJTechWeekly that in recent years New Jersey has become home to a disproportionate number of data centers, and is probably second only to Ashburn in terms of total data center floor space available. Most of New Jersey’s data centers are in the Piscataway, Carteret and Mahwah areas because of the  industrial-strength PSE&G service there.

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About NJFX:

NJFX is a Tier 3 Carrier Neutral Cable Landing Station campus. Our colocation ecosystem has expanded to over 35 network operators offering flexibility, reliability, and security. Our Wall, NJ location provides direct access to multiple subsea cable systems giving our carriers diverse connectivity solutions and offers direct interconnection without recurring cross-connect fees.

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